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Take your RDH career to the next level!

Are you looking for a chance to change the direction of your dental hygiene career? Does the idea of learning new things and building on your skills and experience to grow in your profession interest you? Are you interested in working in a patient-centered, high-tech environment, with the Capital Region’s top VIP Diamond Invisalign provider?

If so, consider joining our team. Ever since our practice was founded in 1960, hygienists have been a critical part of what we do. They are involved in all aspects of patient care, from placement and removal of the entire range of orthodontic appliances, participating in ongoing and active treatment, patient education, serving as treatment coordinators and patient advocates, as well as working with growing patients in our active observation program. 

Make 2022 the year you seize the opportunity to move your career as a dental hygienist in a new and rewarding direction!

Many of our hygienists, including Shelby and Jen, found the perfect place to further their advanced skill set and career at Cooney Orthodontics. With the mentorship of two Board Certified Orthodontics and an experienced team of professionals, they have been able to strengthen their knowledge and give themselves a competitive advantage in the worlds of dentistry and orthodontics. Here are some things Shelby and Jen have to say about their experience as Hygienists with Cooney Orthodontics:

Shelby H. RDH, MS:

“What I love most about being an Orthodontic Hygienist is the variety throughout my daily schedule. Rather than doing general hygiene all day, I am removing and placing braces, removing and placing Invisalign attachments, providing thorough patient education, 3D digital scanning, and so much more!” 

“All procedures I do as an Orthodontic Hygienist are learned on the job. Although, my experience in general dentistry helped to mold my skills in patient interaction and clinical excellence. Having baseline instrumentation skills, ergonomics knowledge, and patient care expertise set me up for success in orthodontic procedures.”

Being a Dental Hygienist in an orthodontic practice has sharpened my skills, not only clinically, but intellectually. The daily variety of patients, appliances, and procedures keeps me free from burnout. I love the faster paced environment that allows me to excel in so many areas of my expertise.” 

“Generally as hygienists, there isn’t much opportunity for growth. The amount I have learned through this practice, treating patients under top Orthodontists in the northeast is immeasurable. Knowledge is continuous as we strive to adapt new and updated technologies that truly improve the patient and clinician experience.” 

“I have never experienced such teamwork and closeness as I have while working in orthodontics. There is an open clinic concept so you aren’t stuck alone in your own room all day. Interacting with my co-workers and other patients brings such a fun atmosphere. I am so grateful to work with such a great group that is so willing to help no matter the task!”

Jennifer D. RDH:

“Working in Orthodontics – we see our patients much more frequently than in a traditional practice setting. This allows us to have such an important and influential role in their dental knowledge and health. We are able to build important fundamentals regarding their oral hygiene habits and positively reinforce these skills on a much more consistent basis. Our schedules have many different types of appointments during our work week. We not only utilize our skill set to remove adhesive, we are also able to screen patients for orthodontic care and bond appliances. The wide range of appointments within orthodontics never leads to a monotonous schedule.”   

“My traditional education in Dental Hygiene created a solid foundation for me to grow my skill set within the scope of orthodontics. You will learn a new batch of skills regarding bonding techniques and adhesive removal techniques – these skills are just a variation of what we already know. You will utilize your tactile sensitivity to distinguish between enamel and adhesive. Our extensive knowledge of tooth morphology and dental development also assists with bonding and adhesive removal as well as educating patients and their parents during their orthodontic process.”  

“Personally, I love the amount of patient education I can provide. Being an advocate for my patients and educating them so they can make an informed decision is what I love most about being a dental hygienist. Having the opportunity to work in orthodontics brought this to a whole new level. Not only can I take the time to discuss ways to improve their oral hygiene – I also get to take a deep dive into how their malocclusion plays a role in their dental health. I am able to discuss issues with patients that may have not been previously discussed and educate them on possible solutions to these issues.”   

“If you are behind – the whole office is behind. We work together as team and have a very fluid schedule. Personally, I have performed many roles within the office and I cannot say that any particular role is more and/or less important than the other. Having a team behind you, with the same beliefs and practice philosophy – supporting you throughout your day, makes for such an enjoyable work day. I can confidently finish a patient for a coworker knowing that they received the same care and education that I would have provided.”  

“Going through Hygiene school, it was important for me to find a practice that I felt comfortable in regarding my own principles on patient treatment/management. The amount of patient education and advocacy that Dr. Cooney and Dr. Tyner have for their patients make my job as a hygienist that much more enjoyable. As a team, we are always looking out for our patient’s best interest. We are able to provide a service for patients that may have otherwise seemed unattainable. I take a lot of pride in what we do as an office.

We provide the highest quality orthodontic care to Albany's Capital Region from two convenient locations in Troy & Ballston Lake, New York. We are the Top Invisalign Orthodontist in the area.

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